„Going into the mountains means coming home“



Using the words of John Muir, we

would like to invite you, for a moment,

to become acquainted with your new

home in Kitzbühel which welcomes

you with an astonishing view.


Our impressive region “Wilder Kaiser”

located in the Kitzbühel Alps is an

exclusive hideaway for a discerning

clientele who wishes to relax in privacy.


Here, where the elemental force and

sublime power of the vast mountains

essentially influence the living atmos-
phere, the stars seem within one’s

grasp. Time for luxuriously inhaling the

clear mountain air. Snatches of sunlight

within the tranquility and harmony of the

peaceful mountain scenery.The terrace

offers an astonishing panoramic view

and invites the eye to enjoy an intensive

visual walk.


The dwelling, built in the style of

traditional architecture, discreetly

blends into the landscape of the

Kitzbühel area. It meets all your

expectations of a noble, up to date

edifice.The rustic comfort of an

Alpine hut is charmingly combined

with the cosmopolitan ambiance

of a comfortable, high-tech mansion

in which tradition and modernity

meet and mingle to become an aes-

thetic entity.Using typical, first-class

materials of the region, all elements

of nature are incorporated into this

haimish living atmosphere. Light and

air pervade the spacious, high rooms,

and in the centre of the house, the

ingle becomes the cosy heat source

in the niveous winter time.


Selected materials are cautiously

matched to individual needs and

wishes and result in a harmonic

room-experience which is absolutely

first-class and timeless due to the use

of high quality even in the smallest,

customized detail.


For you we create a treasured island

whose premium location is rare and

precious and which offers you a safe

sophisticated retreat with a homelike

feeling attached to it.